Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tonight is one of those nights that actors and actresses around the country say "I want to be in show business and win a Golden Globe". Well, what did they do today to ensure that will happen? Or yesterday? Or all week? Or for the past 6 months? What did they do today that had nothing to do with advancing their career and how much of the day was spent doing that. I'm guessing that will be around 8-10 hours. What could have been done?
I only write this because since I've gotten to grad school, I look back at my years in the business and I'm disgusted with the mindset that so many of us actors carry which is "I'm entitled to it" or "Eventually the art and work will come to me, I mean, don't they know who I am?" or "How could that not be great? I spent at least 30 minutes on it!" . The truth is it will do everything in its power to stay away from us. Everything. We must never give it a reason to not believe in us.