Friday, May 7, 2010

Let's Play a Game

I'm going to give you a few stories from the gym. Only one of them is false. The others are true. Try to guess which one is the made up story. Ok- Here goes:

1) Man bends down, picks up a water bottle and throws it in the trash
Me- "Sir, that was my water bottle" (which was true)
Douchebag- "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought it was mine."
Me- "But you're holding your water bottle"
Douchebag- "I know. I was so confused"
Me- "Do you want to throw your water bottle away?"
Douchebag- "No, Im sorry"
Douchebag walks away and doesn't buy me a new water bottle

2) Man walks into the personal trainer area (which is sort of roped off) and asks trainer and the person he is training if they would leave that area so he could work out.

3) Client and trainer in in the middle of a session.
Client- "Is he a good trainer?" (pointing to another trainer about 20 feet away)
Me- "Yes, he is very good"
Client- "Would you mind if I finished my session with him?"
Me- (quiet)

4) Big fat greek man who hardly speaks English walks around the gym with no socks, stinking up the place, and doesnt really know what he's doing. What he does know is that if he carries a whistle around and when he wants a trainer's attention, he blows it. Loud. And the trainers roll their eyes, and then he blows it again. Then he asks a stupid question. And the trainer walks away until he blows it again, then the sequence repeats itself.

Ok, I promise that three of those stories are true. Which one is false? Give up? Number three is false. Usually my clients go to another trainer after we finish our session. What do you win? The knowledge that you should just show up, work out, dont bother anyone else at the gym, and then go home. Don't make the gym your own personal psych ward.

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