Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Best Friend at Trader Joe's

After my workout, I went into Trader Joe's to get some stuff for lunch. As I approached the checkout, the guy at the end gave me that "we're going to be best friends" smile and wave and positioned himself behind the register as if he was delivering a baby. All I was getting was a pre cooked turkey breast that I would pick off of for the next week. As I was getting out my money, Guy Smiley said "That sure is a lot of turkey!". I actually was speechless because I didn't know what he was getting at. Well yeah, if i took all 25 ounces of turkey, put two slices of bread on either side and bit into it, yeah, that is a lot of turkey. But what if I was feeding a group of people. Then the turkey to people ration would be rather small and then his comment would be incorrect. Was he judging me? Did he think I couldn't afford it? Was he just grasping at anything for small talk. After computing everything in my brain, I came out with the most sincere and educated answer I could, "Yeah, it sure is!" Did I just tell Santa I wanted a football? Oh no, I was blowing it!!
As I was walking away I heard Richard Simmons tell the lady behind me, "Oh, it's sauce day!". I turned and saw her buying 3 cans of tomato sauce. There was about 98% of me that wanted to forget everything I needed to do today and just watch this guy do some nice observation comedy for the next 6 hours. He literally just labelled a holiday for this woman, Sauce Day, and I hadn't gotten anyone a card!
I ended up doing this the rest of the day, and probably will continue to do it for a long time. " Hey, you decided to produce ugly children", "Uh oh, Gas is disappearing out of your car!", "Did you take an extra dose of stupid pills this morning?", "Decide to wear sneakers today?". I could do this all day.
I might go back tomorrow and keep buying stuff to see what he says next!

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