Friday, June 25, 2010


"GODDAMN RIDICULOUS waste of ENERGY", " GOOD RIDDANCE EDUCATION", "GO RE-EDUCATE ELSEWHERE". I could just continue to come up with what acronyms for GRE, but I think I'm already out of ideas. That's what someone who scores a 1030 on their GRE does: can only come up with a minimal amount of answers. I've already been accepted to grad school, have already completed all of my paperwork, and have gotten an apartment, and NOW I'm taking my GRE to fill my requirements for my application. I just found out last week that I had to take this, so I stuffed a whole bunch of knowledge that should have taken me about two months to learn into a week and a half. I was told I had to take it as a formality. Then how low could I score to cause disruption in the graduate office? 1600 is a perfect score. 1400 is excellent. So 1030 puts me just above retarded I think.
I went over vocabulary lists. I re-learned the formulas for mathematic problems. I.... yeah, that's about it. I was just hoping to score better than an 800. So I scored a 1030. That's more isn't it. End of story. I could write about having to lock up all of my belongings in a locker before I went in. I could write about being self conscious during the test because I knew I was on camera and every time I went to clean my nose, I pretended there was a fly on my face. I could write about the 5 minute tutorial at the beginning about how to use a mouse, scroll up and down, and how to use the keypad to type. Nope, I'm here to write about writing in cursive.
When I got there I signed in and was handed a clipboard with information and more things to sign, just like a doctor's office, but without the medication, but the same feeling of having a head scan take place. I then proceeded to do the hardest thing I had to that day: Write word for word the confidentiality and ethical clause that was typed....... not in print, but cursive. I can promise you that I haven't written in cursive since the 90's, and not really sure if it was the early or late 90's. I'm not even sure they call it cursive anymore. Have you ever had to write our "question" in a way that isn't print? Oh my God! My brain was fried after this. If the graders of the test saw this, they would have raised my score because they'd be convinced I had cerebal paulsey. I was just scribbling stuff and crossing t's and dotting i's in words that didn't even possess those letters. I'm convinced that I can do everything that statement says I couldn't because I didn't actually write anything it told me too. The phrase "I will not reproduce any of the questions partially or in full to any others taking the exam" can probably be made out as "I win at parties when queens party fully naked named Sam". I signed that, so yes, i do win at parties when queens party fully naked........named Sam.
Thats all I got. My hand fucking hurt after and I had to take one of my ten minute breaks right after because my brain was tired.

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