Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School!!!!!

6 am, the alarm rings. I find out Howard Stern is on repeats so I go back to sleep for 30 more minutes. Should I go to the gym? Run? I bet it's too hot outside. Sleep 15 minutes more. By the time I shower and pack my bag full of pencils, pens, and my lunchbox filled with snacks and skittles, i'm running late. The traffic down Alafaya will be the death of me. Only one street from where I live to campus and it has to be the medium for 50,000 cars at this hour. The lights every 100 yards don't help either because they seem to always be red. One, Two, Three parking lots full. Pull into the garage. What is that guy doing driving out of the entrance? It's one way. I park and ask the girl across from me if green parking decals are allowed to park here and she answers the phrase that I will hear about 50 times today, "I'm not sure, this is my first day". Anticipating a 100 dollar ticket or being towed, I head to class. The two best things happen in the next 5 minutes. I'm wearing my ohio state shirt and a guy across the sidewalk screams O-H! Of course I did what every other Central Florida kid would do: I-O! As I turned and found out he grew up in Worthington, I hear O-H! We both scream I-O! Then I start getting worried. Am I at the right school? Did I drive the wrong way? I start looking for Tyrell Pryor as I head to class.
Movement class is first. Every day for an hour for the next two years. That would suck if I don't like this class. Talk about commitment issues. I know my body is going to have problems because the 40 minutes I spend sitting on the ground almost paralyzes me.
Then voice class. Also one hour every day for the next two years. I would like to sign up for nap class which I hope would be one hour every day for the next 87 years.
During my break I have to get my identification card and food. Nothing like a 34 year old hanging with the teenagers. Oh, speaking of that. I got cast as Peck in How I Learned to Drive. The molesting uncle. I haven't done a scripted show in a few years and THIS is the show that I'm perfect for? Rehearsals start tomorrow, but i have to read with the three girls who are up for my niece at 7pm. I start getting upset because no one has mentioned anything about the Buckeyes in the past 2 hours. I went to a small college and this is my first taste of being in a city within a city. I have a choice of Burger King, Subway, Qdoba, and countless other places. Quick bite, head to Research Methods class and leave that class more confused than I was when I took Geometry class in high school, and i was very confused during that year.
Run over to the Graduate Studies Office and sit with someone and make sure all of my applications, forms, papers, monies, etc are all in order. Oh good, I owe money. I head out of there and call Blue Cross Blue Shield because they were supposed to cancel my coverage but are still charging me. Spend 45 minutes on the phone with them and head to the Directing class I'm the TA for. That can only last 15 minutes because we have a theater dept meeting on the other side of campus which will last an hour and a half. No seats left so the old man has to stand for the whole meeting. Enough time to run to Target to get some supplies for school and then back to campus for my reading at auditions. That lasts for about an hour and head back home where I realize I haven't eaten since the afternoon. Thank God I have a tv where I can watch Monday Night Football but have nothing else because my movers are god knows where. No one will return my calls or emails. Budget Van Lines won't return my calls or emails. No one will return my calls or emails. I'm jut assuming my stuff is being sold or thrown away because they were supposed to be here last thursday. I guess it's a fresh start in every possible way. And now? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................................

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