Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day of Summer

Usually Memorial Day starts the beginning of summer, but hell, I'm going on a month of vacation so far. I feel like it's the middle. By the time 4th of July rolls around, I'll be back to school shopping. Plus...... I get to WEAR WHITE NOW!!!!! (In an Oprah/gay sounding voice)
Well, today Coach Tressel "resigned". The sweater vest is gone. The truth of the matter is that every single college program does this with their student athletes, but just a few get caught. OSU got caught. Please don't feel your program is all high and mighty because you think you're squeaky clean.... the higher profile the school is, the more the shit goes down. The Beatles were once thought to be squeaky clean when compared to the Rolling Stones. Guess what... Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and Octopus's Garden aren't diddies they composed while playing Trivial Pursuit.
I am upset with how it went down at OSU with all of this but I'm not going to be the one who points fingers or tries to spin it to make us look like we're being unfairly treated. Yeah, life ain't fair. You know the rules, if you break the rules, you pay the consequences. End of story. That's why we hate lawyers so much who try to get serial killers off for a loophole in the system. We get pissed when we get pulled over for speeding when we know very well that the guy next to us was going faster than we were, or the pretty girl was going the same speed but happened to have pretty eyes so she didn't get a ticket.
We hate being wrong. We hate admitting guilt. We hate being embarrassed. I laugh at the hardcore conservatives and liberals who are able to spin every single issue that their party failures are the other party's fault. When did "I fucked up. Sorry" become a taboo statement? It's maybe because I feel I have said that so much in my life that it's gotten kind of watered down for me. What is it about being wrong that destroys our insides and our existence?
Why is Charlie Sheen fascinating? He admits to everything! What makes Tiger Woods an idiot? He gives a poopy apologetic press conference that didn't include the phrase "I fucked a lot of whores and liked it. Sorry." Barry Bonds? Do you think the constant denial will make it all go away? Clinton sucked because older Bush sucked. Newer Bush sucked because Clinton sucked. Obama sucked because newer Bush sucked. Guess why the next president will suck? (None of these are factual statements, but it's pretty easy to just accept it right?)
I know we have to lie to save our asses sometimes and drown someone to save ourselves other times, but I'm starting to feel that people who can't come clean and admit they're wrong come across extremely weak. I love Jim Tressel and I think he's one of the greatest things to have ever happened to Ohio State, but if he felt he was innocent, he would have fought with his life to keep his job. Those players put him in an awful situation. He didn't handle it correctly. There's probably a lot more we don't know about and hope to sweep under the rug so others can't talk shit about us. Yeah there's the Reggie Bush's and Cam Newton's, some bullshit gets through the cracks. But if life was fair, my mom wouldn't have had to hold me so many times growing up and convincing me that you be the best person you can possibly be and sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't. Life owes you nothing. There is no contract that says if you do this you will get that. Roll with the punches, learn from your mistakes, and hopefully the mistakes will appear less and less.

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