Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Second Day of Summer

I walked up to my pool today in my apartment complex and I was the only one there. The water was extremely still. So still I could see the details in the things it was reflecting. It had almost a sense of ice it was so neutral. I dipped my foot in it and the ripples began. Even though I was on one far end I watched the ripples go the entire distance until there was no stillness left. The trees that seem to be painted on the water were now flowing and wafting along with the current.
This is what I do, as an actor and a teacher. I can only hope to make some sort of impact that will start minds racing, inspiration lifted, and open new doors so that the ripples will continue on and affect more and more as they leave me. It's the putting the foot in the water that can be done 100 different ways. Within the laws of physics, it doesn't matter how you disturb the water, it only matters that you do. Too many people walk around the edge and are scared of the temperature.

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