Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seventh Day of Summer

"breakthroughs occur when focused, rational thought and activity are followed by a period of release."
"Intellect can be an actor's nemesis. The brain specializes in doing things that automatically jeopardize creative fluidity. The brain makes judgements; the brain protects us; the brain analyzes a situation: none of these things is conducive to acting. Being in your head cuts off the flow of creativity"
"acting is not about mass acceptance, it's about self acceptance"
"creativity is our species' natural response to the challenges of human experience"
I also saw Thor. I believe that movie was one hour and 53 minutes of action, and 2 minutes of Thor being shirtless and every girl in the theater going into a dreamlike fantasy that I was not part of in any way or fashion. If I had showed up in that fantasy, it would probably be to take out the trash or tell Thor the next girl is waiting.

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