Wednesday, November 3, 2010

After 9 weeks: 34 Things I've learned

1) Florida is a little cheaper than NYC
2) The subway system in NYC is a lot more advanced than Orlando
3) Haven't used the phrase "taking midterms" in many years
4) In this short time, a few professors have changed everything I believe in with my craft and challenged me to become a better actor, teacher, artist, and person.
5) I haven't read this much since high school
6) I've learned about more plays and authors in 9 weeks than my entire life combined
7) I can't remember any of them right now
8) Living by yourself and choking on something is one of the scariest feelings ever
9) Going to the pool in November and having to wear sun screen is pretty cool
10) There are people who have never seen snow
11) Local news here is as boring as anywhere else
12) Sometimes a postcard from your mom saying "I hope today is better" makes you cry
13) Drivers suck down here as much as anywhere else
14) I live in a state where people don't hide the fact that they're Republicans
15) Haven't used the phrase "it's in my 3 ring binder" in many years
16) If you don't own a computer, you will fail out of college
17) If you don't have a facebook page, you will fail out of college
18) I didn't utilize my resources at Otterbein as much as I should have
19) I can't talk about pop culture in the 80's and early 90's as freely as I'd like
20) Compared to Trevin Cooper, I know as much about theater as a biology major
21) Haven't used the phrase "I can't find my syllabus" in many years
22) No matter how hard you look, overhead projectors aren't accessible.
23) I miss when my mom and dad used to wake me up for school
24) I'm obsessed with human behavior and love meeting someone new every day
25) I miss my niece
26) I hate hearing about Lebron James all the time down here
27) Haven't used the phrase "I'll download the assignment off of the internet"...ever
28) I miss my gym buddies in NYC, especially my NYPD contact
29) I have the greatest group of MFA friends in the world
30) If I had it all over to do again, sometimes I would change every single thing, and sometimes I wouldn't touch a thing.... well, some things
31) No matter what I accomplish and collect in my possessions, I'm going to die someday and it just doesn't matter
32) I should buy stock in Target
33) Haven't used the phrase "Can't tonight, I have to grade papers".......ever
34) I feel like I've only accomplished 20% of everything I want to do before I die and every day gives me an opportunity to make that number higher, and no one is going to get in my way of achieving that. No one.

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  1. I am not referenced in this post. Not happy! Miss you Nettles!!