Sunday, November 28, 2010


So I have a story from what happened to me this summer that has left people stunned, speechless, shocked, in awe, sorry, suspicious, and laughing. I've told a couple people the story because it makes up who I am right now. My closest friends down here know the story. Of course the story is so astonishing, that people had to tell other people, starting with the line "You won't believe what happened to a guy I know" or "you won't believe what happened to a guy that one of my friend knows". It's a little diddy about a ship, an ocean, and heart break.
I'm not going to tell the story because I have respect for myself, the person involved, and the future of humanity. BBBUUUUUTTTTTT.............................. this evening I got a phone call from someone that informed me that they heard some one down the chain of knowing this story call a radio show here in Orlando with it to try to win a contest for worst story ever or something like that!! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? People are pretending to have lived my story so they can win money?!?? People are profiting off of my misery? Is the story that ridiculous? Yes. My goal in life is to make other people happy but I don't want to have to go through what I did so someone can win a radio contest! I'm sure it wasn't even right. I think that's what bothers me the most. It's the copyright shit.
This story has become a part of me. A part of my past. I'm moving on from it, and I'm writing a hell of a script right now about it but I'm not sure if it's comedy, science fiction, romance, or fiction. Nope. It's non-fiction. He probably didn't win the contest because they thought it was too far fetched. Nope! Call the guy it happened to! I'll back everything up.

Be good to each other.
Cherish the happiness you have found.

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