Saturday, November 27, 2010


What do I give Thanks for after the year I've had?
1) My family
2) Unconditional Love
3) My family
4) Cherry Coke
5) My family
6) Forgiveness
7) My Mom
8) Perspective
9) My dad
10) Intelligence
11) My brother
12) My health
13) My true friends
14) Anti depressant medication
15) Shoulders
16) Hugs
17) Memories
18) Inside jokes
19) Art
20) Being excited about at least one thing every day
21) My family
22) I'm no longer the person I was years ago
23) Experiences
24) That everyday I try to become a better person. A smarter person. A more loving person. A better friend. A better son. A better uncle. A better artist. A stronger human. A survivor. A teacher. A student. A writer. A philosopher. A creator. And I've been able to make the world a better place since the time I woke up until I went to bed. I try to make sense out of the world and the chaos and maybe, just maybe, everyone in it is a little bit more at peace and caring for one another by the end.

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